I am a regular guy from Poland who moved to Norway. I always loved technology but most of my life I have worked in the hotel industry.
From a very young age, I knew that our financial system isn’t working properly.

When I was born in 1987. My family wasn’t very poor, but we were neither rich nor wealthy. When I was born my parents decided to open for me a saving account. The Bank was promising nice returns after I reach 18 years, and it was a very popular saving way these days. My parents even deposit double then the suggested amount.

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They were sending money to this account every month. But in the meantime in Poland, we had the denomination of Polish Zloty to PLN in the rate 1000:1. The whole plan of denomination began in 1990 but because of troubles with the design of new notes and huge inflation (above 10%), the denomination was delayed.

In 1995 Zloty was completely useless and a new PLN was represented to the public. Unfair exchange rates filled the pockets of cheeky banksters with new notes. Additionally very high inflation which wasn’t really known to public, ate my parents savings and my bling blings…

After 8 years of saving it was enough to buy me new sneakers...


When I have discovered Bitcoin I knew that is over. I went down the rabbit hole to learn and discover new technology and possibilities. I have seen all epic bull run from the beginning of 2017. After four years of studying, I want to share my knowledge and experience with others. We are entering the new bull run. History doesn’t repeat but it does rhyme.

This is our chance to flip this unfair and corrupt system in our favor. This technology is here to change the way we think and deal with money. Blockchain and Decentralized Finance is the second layer of the internet.
The Money of The Future.

My Goals

He would like to share his knowledge, tips and mistakes all together to those of us who would like to learn from him. In this blog, You will see different ways of how he did and continue to do. Feel free to leave him message if You wonder about something, rest assured he will get back to you at any given moment.

Are You a risk taker? Take the plunge. Michal will guide You along the way.

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