Airdrops are the most common way of distribution for cryptocurrency.

Airdrop in simple words is just a giveaway. 

Many Crypto Start-Ups choose this way of distributing their coins or tokens to gain attention and new followers, resulting in a larger-base and a wider disbursement of coins.

Airdrops can be considered a very effective and common marketing strategy among cryptocurrency projects. It’s goal is usually to spread the word of certain product, coin or exchange in the world of cryptocurrency.

In this post I will keep You updated about upcoming Airdrops

  1. ECoin – Worth around 113$, no KYC needed, only email …Finished
  2. Trust Wallet – No KYC, You need to create a Bitcoin wallet, 100 TWT tokens …Finished
  3. Curve – Payment processor, 5£ bonus, Verification necessary
  4. Monese – Payment processor, 20£ bonus, Verification necessary
  5. Card – Cryptocurrency platform, bonus 50$, requirements stake minimum 50 MCU
  6. SwissBorg – Cryptocurrecy exchange, 1-100EUR bonus, Verification necessary plus 50EUR deposit

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