Basics of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency

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My name is Michal and I am the owner of Money Makes Money. Since 2017 I am an active online investor.

I am interested in Cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, investing online, alternative ways of earning money, trading, marketing and self development.

I would like to share all my knowledge, tips and tricks, upcoming trends, projects and news in here to make your earnings easier, bigger, faster and better

Inside You will find:

Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Wallets Explained

Security tips

Crypto Platforms

Free ways of earning Crypto

Crypto Dictionary

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My product will help you to understand basics of Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Security is very important when it comes to managing your assets. Follow my tips and advises staying safe and secured.

Reading this e-book will teach you how to manage your digital assets safely. How blockchain technology works and what is bitcoin. I will help you to choose the right and secured wallet for your cryptocurrency and will share my best crypto platforms, tips, tricks and useful crypto slang.


If You are interested in Cryptocurrency You could not choose better!

This E-Book will provide you with useful information about amazing technology which will definitely stay with us for longer.

It is an essential knowledge for every beginner. Start your journey safe and well informed to avoid rookie mistakes.

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