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My unique perspective and experiences which I have gathered in the past five years are the key to get out of the rat race, secure your funds against inflation, and boost your crypto portfolio to the moon Polska Wersja Secret Profits I will expose step by step the newest trends of cryptocurrency, show …
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Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange with the biggest daily trading volume. With more than 300 crypto assets and 1000 trading pairs, this platform is the leader on the market. Founded by Changpeng Zhao, well-known on Twitter as CZ, in 2017 when crypto market was booming and all crypto …
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What is an NFT, and how can it change the world?

NFT stands for Non-fungible token.Fungible? What’s that?Something that’s unique, with unique attributes, and cannot be replicated.NFT’s are fresh trend in crypto space and it represents collectables. Often in the form of digital cards or art that can be traded for money or other NFT’sFor example, a bitcoin can be traded …
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This is how DeFi will take over the traditional financial system

DeFi or decentralized finance has been slowly taking over the financial system, and it is expected to take over the traditional financial system in a few years. What is DeFiIt’s the financial system that is not influenced by any centralized systems or authorities like the government or banks, allowing users to …
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What are the smart contracts of future?

Smart contracts are digital agreements written as codes that are used by buyers and sellers on the blockchain, it’s built within the blockchain which is decentralized. Many blockchains implemented Smart Contracts like – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Eos, Tron or Tezos. Nick Szabo is a computer scientist who first proposed in …
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An Underground Guide to Master the Money of The Future

I would like to present to you my premium ebook: An Underground Guide to Master the Money of the Future. All the birds are singing that cryptocurrency will definitely stay with us for a longer time. This year we have observed a big interest from institutional investors who are accumulating huge amounts …
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Security and privacy

Few TIPS that can save you one day a lot of money and trouble. Security is one of the most important aspects when it comes to finance and investing. In cryptocurrency we have to be ready to protect our funds. Thus, a secure place where we store our passwords and seeds …
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Basics of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

With pleasure, I am presenting you one of my first Free E-Books.  Basics of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology This E-Book will provide you with useful information about amazing technology which will definitely stay with us for longer. It is an essential knowledge for every beginner.  My E-Book will help you to start a safe …
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What Are the Best Modern Crypto Trading Tools?

Bitcoin trading has changed a lot in the last decade. The market has become highly popular and competitive, and only the top traders are making money these days. That’s why it’s more important than ever to use the best trading tools available. So, what are the best modern crypto trading tools? …
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invest in yourself

4 Ways to invest in yourself

The word invest, does not necessarily mean putting money into financial schemes, shares, properties or financial venture with the expectation of achieving a profit. But rather, it also means to provide. We can also invest on people not just things relationships as well if we have one, and so on. …
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video games

Video games, a millionaire business

On several occasions during my childhood, I was scolded by my parents for spending too much time on the computer and video games; saying that, it was a waste of time and that I should do more productive things. Who would have thought that after a few decades later; there are …
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social media

This is the true duration of your social media posts

Today social media has taken a significant place in our lives, and some people spend a lot of hours posting or viewing posts. It seems that those special moments that we live should be made known on our social networks. From going out to a nice restaurant to traveling to …
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The 8 best applications to make video calls

Video calling is very useful in times of coronavirus to contact friends and family, conduct digital meetings between remote workers. Negotiate projects remotely between clients and freelance professionals. We offer you the following free programs and applications. Technology has contributed to breaking spatial and temporal barriers worldwide. Nowadays, it is possible …
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4 ways of earning free cryptocurrency

4 Ways of earning free cryptocurrency

How to earn cryptocurrency without using money? 4 Ways of earning free cryptocurrency How to earn without using money? Is that even possible? In cryptocurrency world it is possible, you just need to be well informed.That is where I come in.Maybe not completely without using money because some options needs your …
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replace fiat cryptocurrency

Can cryptocurrency replace fiat money?

Cryptocurrency has become extremely popular in the past decade, to the point where some transactions are made exclusively with virtual coins. But you have to wonder, will cryptocurrency replace fiat money in the future? This is very hard to say, and there are multiple factors to take into consideration, as …
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makes money

Blockchain, what it is and how it works?

Instead of giving you a definition, I will try to help you understand what problems Blockchain is solving.Let’s say Eric is your best friend. He is travelling around the world and after a few days he is calling you:”Hey man, I’m broke, could you lend me some money””Hey sure, I …
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bitcoin halving

Halving of Bitcoin

Bitcoin halving is coming in 100 days we can start the countdown! The most anticipated event in the crypto industry!  00Days 00Hours 00Minutes 00Seconds What is this halving and what does it mean? Bitcoin is deflationary digital currency that means number of Bitcoin produced decreases over time and it will stop when supply reaches 21 mln.  The reward for mining is reduced by half …
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Bitcoin and dollars

What is the easiest way to buy cryptocurrency?

How to buy cryptocurrency? Now we can easily notice a big change comparing to 2017 when I started to put my first money into crypto. We didn’t have too many markets or exchange platforms like we do have now. None of the exchanges accepted cards. Only bank wired transfers were in …
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instagram makes money

Can Instagram make money for you?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks that you can find out there. It comes along with a high potential to help you make money as well. In fact, different moneymaking opportunities are available to you on Instagram and you just need to go through those methods …
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Free E-Book

Basics of Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology