Use the one in a lifetime opportunity to live life on your own terms by going into cryptocurrency full time

Now is the time to take action

Bull run on the cryptocurrency market will be a life-changing opportunity for many but many will also fail.


You can take your shot and use my knowledge to get closer to financial freedom or at least build a profitable long term portfolio.

Reach For The Money Others Only Dream Of

My unique perspective and experiences which I have gathered in the past four years are the key to get out of the rat race, secure your funds against inflation, and boost your crypto portfolio to the moon

Secret Profits

I will expose step by step the newest trends of cryptocurrency, show you upcoming possibilities and earning options. The Biggest trends to follow in the next few years which can be very lucrative ways of earning.

Game Changer

How does it work and why is it a game changer for the finance system as we know it? I will also describe to you how easily you can join this process and earn passive income on it.

Secret Working

I will explain to you how cryptocurrencies are distributed. What are the main ways of distribution and how to find free airdrops.

On my consultation, you will learn everything from A to Z and X. I will take you to another extent and degree of financial crypto awareness:

– Basics of Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
– Introduction to cryptocurrency management
– Building a profitable portfolio- Market cycles and sentiments
– Emotion awareness
– Security and risk management
– Instructions for difficult tasks
– Solutions to your problems
– Recommendations for best tools on the market
– Newest trends and possibilities
– Multiple passive income options
– Research techniques
– Trading fundamentals
– Clarity and insight of future actions

My clients and business partners are already on their way to financial freedom.

Become The Best Informed Investor And Get As Much As Possible

Today there are thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market and more are created every day because there is a new technology behind it – blockchain. If you think that Bitcoin is too expensive and you are NOT convinced by the above arguments, know that this market creates new opportunities for profits every day.



Micheal is one of the professional crypto trader I have ever meet... I am always eager to see your new posts as it is very interesting to look upon it... You are hustling very hard everyday to keep crypto community learn new things and get acquainted with the required knowledge.
Crypto Chief
Michal is a very good friend and a great investor. Thanks to Michal, I learned a lot of information about the world of cryptocurrencies. I am glad that we can earn money together.
Pawel Lorencen
Michal, colleague, friend, business partner! I met him some time ago, but I can say that we got along right away as if we had known each other for years! We talked for hours, if not tens of hours. So I know what I'm saying I knew right away that this is a person worth working with, and he proved it more than once. His main advantages are that he knows what he is doing, and if he does something, he does it with great passion and commitment! Thanks to his commitment, Michal has extensive knowledge in terms of marketing and cryptocurrencies, Facebook, Instagram and generally understood social media, you can easily follow his tips, his tips are often one of the most valuable that you can find on the Internet.
Marek Porwol
Thank you, Michael love you. Time is precious, and you spend yours helping us grow our crypto. I am really enjoying your Videos/Posts. You make this much easier to understand because some people (including myself) always find it difficult in trading on Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies because we don't have a very strong backbone from the beginning. And I think that's basically where our main problem always started whether it's big or small problem. But no matter how it is, it has to be solved immediately. Which is what you are doing from the beginning. You are always available when I needed you. I always like your morning stress booster FB and Instagram statues. Last but not the least, you always give priority to education, you always stress for education and you have an incredible knowledge.
Brayan Wilson Lobo
If I could turn back time to 2017...

Why if we could turn back time? Do we always make the same mistakes?

At the beginning of my 4 years journey in the Cryptocurrency world, I was also the same as you. I felt lost, and the amount of information flooding my head was only leaving an immense disaster and chaos.

I learned how to filter valuable info and I have discovered most of the pros and cons. But absorbing all possible knowledge I could find on the Internet gave me a big picture and experience which I can share now with you to help you diversify your assets and become independent thanks to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

Get The World-Class Cryptocurrency Knowledge Today And Get Rich

During the last bull run in 2017, numerous number of people made gruesome mistakes. All the time, I hear not only from close friends but also from the people belonging to the cryptocurrency community, that if they could only turn back the time to 2017…

The truth is that probably nothing would change…

The key is human emotions and the market is just a projection of these emotions. That’s the reason why people buy high, sell low, and lose their fortunes.

Emotions are the worst advisor, but I will help you to control them and avoid risky moves.

You will be smarter! Invest in yourself today and get richer tomorrow

You will finally realize how much you lost without having the professional knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry – the financial world of great opportunities. Literally 98% of people who enter the world of cryptocurrency investments do not even have a foundation – basic knowledge about investing. 


I will give you many unique tips from my own experience

Look at the cryptocurrency from my perspective and don’t miss out on upcoming trends

Governments and Central Banks are playing with us by this outdated, corrupt, and easy to manipulate financial system. High fees, delays in transfers, and inflation are a big problem for people like us. Cryptocurrency and Decentralized Finance are solutions to this problem. I will uncover for you a whole new digital world of new possibilities without the unjust authority.

My knowledge will give you full insights on many upcoming possibilities of earning and securing your funds from thieves and inflation.

The digital world will stay with us for much longer than we think. Big companies like GrayScale, Square, or PayPal, started investing huge amounts of money into cryptocurrency. Banks noticed that they are missing out and started hiring Blockchain specialists to develop their own centralized digital currencies by which they will control our finances.

But I know that our future is decentralized and that will only make truly decentralized assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum stronger like never before. This process already started and there is no turning back. Don’t wait.

Get to know what is happening in digital world

Bitcoin market capitalization is around $1 trillion while gold stands at $10 trillion.

Bitcoin has many advantages over gold like anonymity, transparency, or much easier storage and transport. We call it Gold 2.0 for a reason.

Bitcoin will become a trillion-dollar asset sooner or later. That could be your last chance to see Bitcoin below $100k.

Play it right, and you will change your life the same as me and many of my friends and partners.

Rules that Warren Buffet lives by:

Rule No. 1: Never lose money.

Rule No. 2: Never forget rule no. 1


Consulting with me!

Now we are reaching the most important part. Do you want to do it all alone or would you rather like me to help you?

Should you choose the second option I can take you to another level of financial crypto awareness, and we can work together to be the top of your game by:

  • Basics of Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
  • Introduction to cryptocurrency management
  • Building a profitable portfolio
  • Market cycles and sentiments
  • Emotion awareness
  • Security and risk management
  • Instructions for difficult tasks
  • Solutions to your problems
  • Recommendations for best tools on the market
  • The Newest trends and possibilities
  • Multiple passive income options
  • Research techniques
  • Trading fundamentals

Get the world-class knowledge on my consultations in three simple options:

Before every consultation, we will have a 15-30min discovery call which will help me to get to know you. Find out about your targets, goals, struggles, and plans.

  • One Time 1h consultation
  • Standard – Four sessions for at least 1h each at your chosen timeframe (preferably once a week)
  • Premium Consulting – Eight sessions for at least 1h each


Why Me?


Underground Guide Includes


  • Guide To Crypto Wallets
  • Three Best Tools To Track Your Assets
  • Cryptocurrency Mining Explained
  • One of the Best Exchanges
  • Unbelievable Smart Contracts
  • Innovative Decentralized Finance
  • Newest MicroTrend in Crypto – NFT
  • Insidious Scammers
  • Bulletproof Investment Strategy
  • Step-by-Step Investment Tips

I am a regular guy from Poland who moved to Norway. I always loved technology but most of my life I have worked in the hotel industry.
From a very young age, I knew that our financial system isn’t working properly.

When I was born in 1987. My family wasn’t very poor, but we were neither rich nor wealthy. When I was born my parents decided to open for me a saving account. The Bank was promising nice returns after I reach 18 years, and it was a very popular saving way these days. My parents even deposit double then the suggested amount.

They were sending money to this account every month. But in the meantime in Poland, we had the denomination of Polish Zloty to PLN in the rate 1000:1. The whole plan of denomination began in 1990 but because of troubles with the design of new notes and huge inflation (above 10%), the denomination was delayed.

In 1995 Zloty was completely useless and a new PLN was represented to the public. Unfair exchange rates filled the pockets of cheeky banksters with new notes. Additionally very high inflation which wasn’t really known to public, ate my parents savings and my bling blings…

After 8 years of saving it was enough to buy me new sneakers…

When I have discovered Bitcoin I knew that is over. I went down the rabbit hole to learn and discover new technology and possibilities. I have seen all epic bull run from the beginning of 2017. After four years of studying, I want to share my knowledge and experience with others. We are entering the new bull run. History doesn’t repeat but it does rhyme.

This is our chance to flip this unfair and corrupt system in our favor. This technology is here to change the way we think and deal with money. Blockchain and Decentralized Finance is the second layer of the internet.
The Money of The Future.

World-class knowledge on my consultations in three simple options.

Before every consultation, we will have a 15-30min discovery call which will help me to get to know you.

Find out about your desired targets, goals, struggles, and plans. After my analysis, we set a new call.

One Time

$149 $89/1 hour
  • Discovery call
  • Maximized value
  • One hour Consulting


$999 $585/8 hours
  • Discovery call
  • 8 Sessions at least 1h each
  • Maximized value
  • Technical support
  • Premium Members Zone


How I can book my discovery call?

You can contact me on any of my social media channels or through email.

What I can learn from you?

I am an active investor on the cryptocurrency market since the beginning of 2017. I have seen the full market cycle. Likewise, I can help you create a profitable strategy. You will get full technical support and recommendations. I know how strong FOMO and FUD can be that is why I can show you a proper mindset. Emotions are the worst advisor.

What push you to giving consultations?

There is a huge amount of people coming into cryptocurrency space right now, and I would love to help everyone but its really time-consuming and I don’t have much of it.

If I order your e-book, when do I will get it?
If You order my eBook  you will get it right after the premiere date: XXXXX Straight to your email!
Can I order physical version of the e-book?
I don’t have paper books in the offer but I will give you a bonus – printout black & white version for free. 
What if I change computers/devices?
You can still download the eBook from the link I sent you. Even if you delete the email just contact me on my email.
Do I need special software or hardware to read eBooks?
All You need is your mobile, PC or laptop. Software is free and most of the devices have it already. My eBook comes in .pdf format.
Can I pay with cryptocurrency?

Of course, you can choose from different options on the payment site. From Cryptocurrency you can pay by: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DAI and USDC.

May I share my eBook with others?
Copyright covers all the content inside e-book.
What are the benefits of reading ebooks?
  • E-books are much cheaper than paper books.
  • E-book you can take everywhere with you as long as you have at least your mobile
  • It is available almost instantly all you have to do its just download it.
  • E-books are great for research and content creation.
  • With reading software you can search an entire e-book for a specific keyword or phrase.
  • They don’t take too much space and you can create an entire library inside your phone.
How I can download my eBook?

Package with E-Books are uploaded to Google Drive and OneDrive servers. 

Free E-Book

Basics of Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology