4 ways of earning free cryptocurrency

4 Ways of earning free cryptocurrency

How to earn cryptocurrency without using money? 4 Ways of earning free cryptocurrency

How to earn without using money? Is that even possible? In cryptocurrency world it is possible, you just need to be well informed.

That is where I come in.

Maybe not completely without using money because some options needs your equipment or already ownership of some cryptocurrency but some ways are completely free.


Mining is not completely free. There are two different kinds of mining: proof of work and proof of stake.

Proof of work is mining by using specialized equipped computers which are approving transactions and mining blocks on the Blockchain network. This process is consuming time and electricity but it is compensating the miner by awarding him with cryptocurrency. The side effect of this process is also heat from computers.
Proof of stake is more ecological way of mining. Power of mining is dependent on amount of coins miner is holding and also time period. Many cryptocurrency operates on POS. 
Now Binance is supporting Staking on thier platform for coins like: TRX, Algo, Kava and there is more to come soon.

Brave internet browser – some browsers are better than others ( sorry IE). One of the top browsers when it comes to Privacy is Brave.

In Brave you can put up the shields and not see any ads or you can watch them and get paid for it in Basic Attention Token. Isn’t it awesome? Payouts comes every month and in avarage it’s around 50 BATs.

Publish0x – that’s a platform for bloggers where we can get rewarded and also tip other bloggers in different cryptocurrency. You can choose what kind of ratio writer and reader will be rewarded.

You can get up to 80% of tip for just reading the article. That option is available once per 24h. You can also become a writer or share content you already created for your blog or social media.


Airdrops – most popular way of distribution for cryptocurrency. Airdrop in simple words is just a giveaway. There are many airdrop groups on Facebook, Telegram or Discord where you can find fresh info about upcoming airdrops. You can also see Airdrops Here to earn free cryptocurrency.

And that’s it. These are 4 ways of earning free cryptocurrency. I hope I could help you. If there is anything else just leave a comment or pm me on my social media.

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