Basics of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

With pleasure, I am presenting you one of my first Free E-Books. 


Basics of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology

This E-Book will provide you with useful information about amazing technology which will definitely stay with us for longer.

It is an essential knowledge for every beginner. 

My E-Book will help you to start a safe journey through mysterious world of digital currencies and technology of  the future.

Security is very important when it comes to managing your assets. Follow my tips and advises to stay safe and secured.

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You will find out about the basics of Blockchain technology and what is the most known cryptocurrency –  Bitcoin.

I will help you to choose the right and secured wallet for your crypto assets.

I will also share my best crypto platforms where you can buy your first cryptocurrency and few ways on how to get them for free.

Some terms could be difficult to understand for a beginner. That’s why I prepared for you a crypto-dictionary. It has the list of all the difficult words that is simplified by a definition.


Cryptocurrency blockchain


Inside You will find:

  • Blockchain Technology
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
  • Wallets Explained
  • Security tips
  • Crypto Platforms
  • Free ways of earning Crypto
  • Crypto Dictionary

Free E-Book

Basics of Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology