Security and privacy

Few TIPS that can save you one day a lot of money and trouble.

Security is one of the most important aspects when it comes to finance and investing. In cryptocurrency we have to be ready to protect our funds. Thus, a secure place where we store our passwords and seeds is necessary.

When it comes to Cryptocurrency and Decentralized Finance we have to take full responsibility of our actions. There is no middleman whom has his pros and cons. Security is our responsibility.

Saving our sensitive data in the PC notebook might not be the best idea. Same as taking pictures or screenshots of the passwords/seeds. These are files that you can share online by mistake. You don’t want someone taking over your SEEDs, trust me.

Keep your keys offline in the safe place. You can even split them in two or more parts. Make the access to them as difficult as much as you can. That even you, yourself, don’t have access to it.


Now most of the crime is moving online and none of us, who is using the internet, is safe. Hackers are developing new methods to bend the operating systems. Always use updated database of Antivirus. VPN is not antivirus! AntiMalware will also help to prevent your PC from useless bugs, ads and trackers.

Securing your accounts with two-step verifications is the standard right now. Always use 2FA with Google Authenticator. Passwords even encrypted will not take longer than 20 min to break. If hackers break into your PC, all your desktop wallets are in huge danger. The best option is to have a separate PC only for your crypto moves and investments.

Always use a strong and unique passwords for different accounts. There are passwords managers apps that are helpful. Using all the things I have mentioned above will help you protect yourself from cybercriminals.

Stay Safe. Stay Strong.

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