How to start investing part 1

How to start investing? Many people would like to invest, but not too many know how. I would like to show you how you can begin and what you should prepare before You can start investing.

Never invest money you cant afford to loose!

Before we begin, we need to know that the money which will go for investment is not the money that we spare for the rent, for example. We have to build a financial pillow. 

Fanancial pillow is the money which we set a side on separate account without a debit card; harder to access. This can be worth 2-3 months salary which will help us if something unpredictable happened. Like if we lose our primary job that we have some spare money to survive on. Without canceling or withdrawing our investments.

Then we need to have a spare amount for the investment. I am talking about money we can survive without. We have to remember about risk and it could be that we will lose our money if the investment will fail. It has to be money which we can afford to lose. Do not take a credit from the bank because there is this great opportunity. Those opportunities comes and goes. Do not fall into FOMO (fear of missing out). Risk is everywhere and as a beginner start from small amounts. Nobody gets rich from day 1 and nobody gets rich from 100$ investment. Give Yourself a time, be patient and systematic. You can start from 10-50$ a week.

When we finally save the amount, the time to choose the right investment, comes. It depends what is the object of our interest. There are many options from traditional investments (like cash, bonds, stocks and equity shares) to alternative (real estate, metal, art, whisky, forex, cryptocurrencies).

Nowadays internet and blockchain technology opens up many new possibilities. We can start from very small amounts and make systematic gains. There are many different ways to invest, in the internet.

In 2017 we had hype and revshare programs which offers high income and very high risk.

In 2018, very popular were ICOs(Initial Coin Offering) but also more than 90% of it was a scam but still you could earn good money on it if you sell out in the right moment.

In 2019 we have a whole range of online investments. Online marketing is also the best leverage for your investments. By promoting the right products you can make good gains which will help your investments grow. Remember not to spend your earnings but look for another source to gain more and diversify.

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