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Many people lose their money because they don't know how it works

I will introduce You to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain for Beginners

From my Ebook You will find out all the fundamental knowledge about the Currency of the future and the Blockchain technology, the second layer of the internet.

I will guide You safely through every aspect one should know, should be You interested in this new financial system.

Easily understandable knowledge will help you get familiar with the Cryptocurrency world.

The ebook will help you in understanding the basics, in a responsible manner as to how to manage your assets and keys.

My product will help you to understand basics of Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

I will guide You safely through every aspect one should know about this amazing technology

SECRET #1 Fundamental knowledge for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and beginners.

SECRET #2 Easily absorbable knowledge about Wallets and best exchange platforms.

SECRET #3 Freeways of earning cryptocurrency online without deposits, security tips and crypto dictionary.

Proper fundamentals and various extra tips well known by advanced enthusiasts.

Freeways of earning cryptocurrency online without deposits, security tips and crypto dictionary

When you will start to apply the knowledge from the E-Book, then you will discover that this technology is not hard after all and that you will easily get used to it. You will stop wondering and seeking information because all that information is gathered for you. You will start exploring the magnificent world of Cryptocurrency.

This EBook will give you all the necessary knowledge to start with cryptocurrency in the safe way. Recommended to all crypto beginners. Many very cool tips and nice crypto-dictionary. Must-have.
Marek Porwol
Your e-book is really good and very valuable to be free. Everyone should get it until you give that special price and learn the power and basics of Crypto currency 🤯
Vlad Incomedoctor
Thank you Michael for this short yet informative introduction to cryptocurrencies. I know that this word has been destroyed by scammers, but you and your book is what this thing is supposed to be about. You explain we’ll how things work and mention a very good couple of terms. I’ve heard them, but I never knew what they actually mean. Such as blockchain and halving for example. Now I see a little more of a world of cryptocurrencies. Thank you so much!
Michael's e-book is condensed with knowledge about the basics, that every person starting their adventure with cryptocurrencies should have. You will find in it a brief history of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, and the necessary terms that will help you navigate better in this fantastic, decentralized world. Highly recommend!
Tomasz 'cryptoninja' Kolpaczek


Manage your assets safely. Security is my number one priority. Minimize the risk of losing your funds.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Find out the fundamentals of Cryptocurrency and decentralized financial system.

Crypto Exchange Platforms

One of the best exchange platforms with many special features in the crypto world.


I will guide you through one of the most important aspects when it comes to cryptocurrency which is security.


Learn about amazing technology which started already to change the world.

Crypto Dictionary

Explanation of most common and useful crypto terms which you probably don't know.

Underground Guide Include
Why Did I Write This Book?

My name is Micheal, and I am the owner of the brand Money Makes Money. Since 2017 I am an active online investor.

I love technology. I am into cryptocurrency and blockchain, trading,  affiliate marketing and self development.

For many years I have been working in the Hotel industry because I also love to help and to be of service to other people, but after some time I have noticed that technology is really speeding up and automates will probably take my job away. That’s how I discovered Bitcoin and blockchain technology.
I went down the rabbit hole.
After a few years of studying, I became an expert and decided to share my knowledge, help people thereby joining my two passions together.

Please write down EXACTLY what you want to learn about Cryptocurrency:

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Basics of Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology