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This is the true duration of your social media posts

Today social media has taken a significant place in our lives, and some people spend a lot of hours posting or viewing posts.

It seems that those special moments that we live should be made known on our social networks. From going out to a nice restaurant to traveling to another country. We publish hoping that our content reaches as many of our friends and colleagues.

But do our publications really have the impact we think? Or is it true that the validity of our publications is only a few minutes?

In this article, I will share with you how long your publications last having a presence on social networks.

Impossible to show “everything” to “everyone.”

Impossible to show “everything” to “everyone.”

We get floods of all kinds of information in every day of our lives. The internet has become an inexhaustible source of it. It is for this reason that we have adopted the habit of quickly discarding what is not in our interest.

For this reason, social networks configure to show only what most attracts the attention of the audiences; the more relevant the information, its validity will be for a longer period.
This topic can be very important to you. Especially if you dedicate yourself to Digital Marketing or are a community manager of a company.
It is said that the content we publish will stay forever on our social networks unless we decide to delete it at some point.

But the fact that it is present there does not indicate that it is still in power; In other words, those posts you made a few years, months, or even weeks ago may not have any visits and interactions today.

At this point, it can be thought that it is normal that over time people lose interest in the information you have published. Beyond that, there is a limit that each social network determines. Which will be the maximum reach that a publication will have, especially considering its relevance.
The more important or more interactions a post has, the greater its validity.

It is logical to think that among so many texts, images, videos, and other publications that we upload daily, is impossible to show “everything” to “everyone.”

Below I will share with you how much is the average continuance that a publication has on each social network.



In its beginnings, the Facebook algorithm showed the posts in chronological order, so that as time went by, the posts were losing reach.
With over 2.2 billion active users every month today, the algorithm evolves, so that information is now displayed not only in chronological order, but in importance level.

Facebook is going to show you what its algorithm considers to be most relevant to you.

Today it is very difficult for a post to go viral since it will usually have its maximum impact only in the first 2 and a half hours after its publication. Where it will reach 75% of its maximum number of impressions.

In just 5 hours, the publication will lose its validity. Unless it has managed to acquire relevance or has started to go viral in that short time.



Since Instagram is now part of the Facebook family, the algorithm works very similarly. This social network will show you the publications that it considers most attractive to you.

The endurance of the post is determined by quality level, meaning to say, those publications that are considered relevant will only have 21 hours of validity. While an average post will receive 50% of their interactions in the first 6 hours.


Twitter is the social network with the shortest lifespan in all of its posts, as Tweets appear in chronological order, and new updates quickly displace previous ones.

The publication’s validity span is now considered to be only 18 min. So it is important that if you want to stand out on this social network, you make posts constantly.


Pinterest is one of the social networks with the highest life expectancy in its publications. You can generate interactions even in the long term.
This is due in large part to how the pins work on Pinterest, as they can be repined. Every time this happens, it seems likely that their validity was reset.
In consideration, the pin can have a span of 4 months validity, so it far surpasses other social networks.

It is important to note that in all cases, the life expectancy of a publication will depend on its relevance, so it is important to know who you are targeting and what their true interests are.

A post with more interactions, in turn, will attract more people interested in it, so they can extend its validity for much longer.

If you have a commercial interest within your social networks, it is important that you consider publishing with the appropriate frequency. Always seeking to be relevant to your target audience.

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