TWT Wallet

If you are Cryptocurrency Enthusiast I guess I don’t need to introduce you to Binance– biggest cryptocurrency platform.
So Binance lunched his Trust Wallet and gives away free tokens TWT.
For creating wallet you get 100 tokens and additional 100 for sharing.
Even if you downloaded this wallet before don’t worry just click the link and you will be added to waiting list.
Remember to write down 12 key words seed which are back up password for your wallet.
Trust Wallet it’s a multi wallet so you can hold different kind of Cryptocurrency on it.
I have some TRX, XLM, Xrp and BNB there
We still don’t know what is gonna be the value of TWT but that’s very common distribution of tokens in cryptocurrency world.
BNB was also given away!
After downloading App to be sure you are on the waiting list just click the link to accept it and remember about securing your password ❗😉
Safety first, good luck 😎