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In the beginning of 2017, the overwhelming desire to change took over him. The life of going to work, eat, repeat no longer gives him enjoyment he once had. He wants more knowledge, more importantly, he aims for money to work for him and not the other way around.

The search in internet for alternative ways of earning money began. To his surprise, the internet is full of rev-share, hype, different MLM`s and most of it was a Scam. What is life without few risks? He thought. Without a shadow of doubt, he took first risk. With no luck he failed. The trial and error phase. He learned. He refused to fail the second time around, so he started his education about investing.

 He found Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. All these are so amazing that it engulfed him completely. Everyday, before and after his full time job he spent all his time studying and learning about blockchain technology. He started collecting his first coins during the 2nd half of 2017. Up until this very day he keeps expanding his portfolio, by trading, mining and investing in different projects online. The man is on fire with no signs of stopping anytime soon. He found what he was looking for. The way to make money work for him.

He would like to share his knowledge, tips and mistakes all together to those of us who would like to learn from him. In this blog, You will see different ways of how he did and continue to do. Feel free to leave him message if You wonder about something, rest assured he will get back to you at any given moment.

Are You a risk taker? Take the plunge. Michal will guide You along the way.



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