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Michal Lewicz

He would like to share his knowledge, tips and mistakes all together to those of us who would like to learn from him. In this blog, You will see different ways of how he did and continue to do. Feel free to leave him message if You wonder about something, rest assured he will get back to you at any given moment.
Are You a risk taker? Take the plunge. Michal will guide You along the way.

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My unique perspective and experiences which I have gathered in the past five years are...

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Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange with the biggest daily trading volume. With...

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Did You ever think about earning on Forex but You was too afraid of loosing? I can show You a way to avoid human error that finally gives You better profit.



If You want to grow your followers and number of likes, be more visible and recognizable? I can show You the way to achieve it.


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Would You like to start an accumulation of crypto assets for long term? I can show You the way how to build your portfolio in safe way.

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