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What is the easiest way to buy cryptocurrency?

How to buy cryptocurrency? Now we can easily notice a big change comparing to 2017 when I started to put my first money into crypto. We didn’t have too many markets or exchange platforms like we do have now. 

None of the exchanges accepted cards. Only bank wired transfers were in the game, which takes forever to be done and had a high transaction fee. 
Now even that got some upgrades thanks to the new mobile banking processors which allows you to transfer money to the other part of the world in seconds.
Buying cryptocurrency also got much easier with the time. Now you can pair your exchange account with credit card and you can buy your favorite crypto assets while they are still on dip in the matter of minutes. We have peer2peer platforms which allows you to buy cryptocurrency even for the exchange of cash. Number of Crypto ATM s is also growing very fast. 
My favorite way of buying cryptocurrency is exchange BitPanda where you can trade over 30 different crypto assets. Video verification takes only minutes to be completed. Fast, secure and 24/7.
Next option is ATMs which are gaining popularity last years. Maybe the prices are not the best but you can buy or sell cryptocurrency using cash. Here you can check where you can find the closest ATM.
Another method is platform localbitcoins where you can trade peer2peer on your local market. You never know maybe your neighbor have some BTC for sale and he accepts cash. This platform opens new possibilities.

These are the three most common methods of buying cryptocurrency. Of course the most popular is still the exchange platforms but the other two will also do the job. I hope I could help.

Remember to move your assets to safe hardware wallet. Not your keys, not your crypto.

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